Why Locksmith hated running

Growing up I had two passions, music and football. Like so many kids growing up who had the dream of playing either main stage of Glastonbury or one day lifting the champions league trophy, I had the same dream. I would say luckily one of those dream became a reality for me but I don’t believe that luck got me to where I am today. I believe that hardworking, the unapologetic will to not give up and the support of my loved ones helped me to get to the level of success that I have today. The harder I worked the luckier I got. 

Where did this desire come from?
Where did this unapologetic will to not give up come from? 

Believe it or not it all stemmed from running, when I was a kid I was in a football academy. Being in an academy had a huge pressure and demand on being the best in every aspect of your game or at lease that's what it felt like at the time. My weakest attributes was long distance running, put me on the pitch for 90 minutes I’d run all day for my team, but make me do the bleep test or run a 5k run I always came up short. I believed that my body wasn’t made for that type of training. 

I always believed from a young age that there is a massive similarity between training and life. There will be barriers stopping you from reaching your goals and  you can either ignore the challenge and bury your head in the sand or you can embrace the challenge, jump out of your comfort zone & kick its ass!  

I chose to jump out of my comfort zone and run. This meant doing something I disliked & truly believed I was not genetically made for. It didn’t happen over night, I had to be consistent, focused and not give up. Over time I improved and most of all i began to enjoy it and have grown to love it. What was once fear of mine soon became something I couldn’t live without. Running is not only my fitness joy but it is my escapism, it allows me to purify my thoughts & once I complete a run no matter how big or small I feel so much more positive for have doing it. 

So what am I saying?
It would be easy for me to say just jump out of your comfort zone but the true challenge is embrace the fear and uncomfortability of failing. Once we understand that, we can begin our journey to unlocking our true potential. Like I mentioned before this is life, the journey is continuous and hard but we have choices. 
I choose to keep going, keep making mistakes, keep failing because this is where we truly learn and become the best versions of ourselves. 

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